Self taught with many questions for everyone

Describe your experiences. One practicioner - one topic!
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Self taught with many questions for everyone

Post by RevanTamer » Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:14 am

I have been projecting for a while now to the point where I can exit myself nightly with no side effects I am very curious as to how others project and where they go and where they believe/ know they went.

I use the term traveling because I close my eyes and open them in another world or reality.

Has anyone had someone "tag along" with your projecting or have you tagged along, is such a thing even heard of?
I myself have been able to bring my girlfriend along with me she described everything in detail exactly what was going on even. I did not guide her or hint in any direction.

I have knoticed a few posts talking about limiting how often someone should do it and time limits and that there are side effects. Is this true for everyone or are there exceptions?

How do you yourself go about projecting what is your personal process?
My process for the last few years is self exploration and science study so it is not the ideal way that every projection teacher teaches. I have never been able to clear my mind ever there's always some noise some thoughts something going on so I changed my approach and drown them out with some sort of movie loud metal music or something of that nature. I down one or 2 cans of high sugar drinks from Gatorade to most any soda pop while eating a full meal (sounds like dinner I know but this is literally moments b4 I go to bed). I lay down close my eyes and approach the gate, I don't know how to fully describe the gate other than it's huge and I know it's not apart of me like some doors in ones mind are memories and such, this gate is the doorway out. I walk through pushing it open and then I'm somewhere else, hours for my body become years or decades for the mind I spend lifetimes out controlling someone or something else then return with a falling thud back in to my body when my alarm goes off. Some trips take a minute to process others slowly fade. The shorter trips are when my girlfriend tells me exactly what was going on while I was projecting.

I am currently downloading the books and will read them but I just found this site and I am excited to talk to people who are like minded

I did find one other site but they wanted to enduse projecting through iv drips of dmt and other drugs and hallucinogens.

How do you process what you saw during your projection? Are some of them hellish or just down right confusing?
How i have been able to understand is by letting go of what I understand as "laws of reality" like gravity air light etc: and by doing that where ever I end up I am able to absorb the normal there and understand what I see.

I do not wish to come off as rude or arrogant and that is not my intention I understand everyone experiences things differently and only wish to share and even more importantly listen (read) to other people's experiences

As for my method of consumption I have an extremely high metabolism and need to feel full for 8 hours so I can achieve the best projection, and the sugar is because science had shown sugar makes dreams more vivid as well as slightly easier to remember when waking up, it is not for everyone to do and I do not recommend my method since I do it nightly and there are health risks associated with eating before sleeping and consuming caffeine before bed as well as the high amount of sugar period.

Please ask me any Questions you have I am here to share and explore not tell anyone that something Is right or wrong

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Re: Self taught with many questions for everyone

Post by Oreo » Mon Jan 06, 2020 11:55 am

do you "travel" every night?

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