There is no fucking God

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There is no fucking God

Postby Summerlander » Fri May 12, 2017 11:08 pm

Someone on a different forum decided to attack my atheism like this:

'Just imagine that the concepts of good and evil dont exist. God is the point where Darkness and Light touch eachother. God is INFINITE and by this he is EVERYTHING, he is creator and destroyer, chaos and light he is made, heritage of the darkest dark and the brigher light of universes. The combinations of equal dark and light creates god, the great conscience wich evolved in something divine e it will never stops expanding. So are our minds.'

I replied:

What you've just said is oxymoronic. On one hand you claim God is infinite. On the other you say He is only the point of contact between light and dark. Your contradiction is a fallacy composed of theism and Zoroastrianism. A 'point' is something which is defined and anything that is defined is necessarily limited. You can describe things in existence in terms of what they are and are not. But you can't say something has all attributes at once appart from existence itself. And an existent reality is composed of an indefinite number of finite things which interact. The WHOLE is hardly a god let alone a 'point' lodged between two non-colours--far from it!

The universe expands naturally! Quantum fluctuations, dark energy and hence Hubble's law. The emergence of the cosmos is the outcome of a high quantum probability. It is not of divine nature; it was never intelligently created; it is mostly inhospitable to life and faces a 'cold death'. Your naivety knows no bounds.

Also, if you must insist that such a Supreme Being exists, He is demonstrably not infinite.

Most of us find that God is silent (save a few who hear voices in their heads and end up in the cuckoo's nest). If God never spoke to you, then how can He be omnipresent? His divine voice may resound in the heads of so-called prophets and messiahs, but it was ABSENT to you! It wasn't present! Hold on ... Isn't the Almighty supposed to be everywhere? How comes His voice is missing in your head? He's supposed to be infinite.

If you try to argue that He simply chose not to speak to you, then at the point when He supposedly made that choice He was powerless to have chosen otherwise. And anyway, why should He feel the need to make choices? He is God! You can't even say He chose silence for a good reason because, according to His alleged omnipotence, He should be capable of turning any choice into the most optimal outcomes. He has the power to bring about the best of all possible worlds no matter what is divinely decided.

The whole concept stinks of cobblers. Do you know why? Because there is no such thing as God apart from the wishy-washy fantasies that reside in religious minds.
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Re: There is no fucking God

Postby praveenhereagain » Tue May 16, 2017 3:08 am

lol, claiming yourself as God in obe4u and talks about Atheism. Man, you are the real entertainer.
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Re: There is no fucking God

Postby Summerlander » Tue May 16, 2017 11:42 am

Thank you. O0
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