I had one OBE today

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I had one OBE today

Postby Adei » Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:08 pm

Hi everybody,

I had an out of body experience today.
It happened by chance. It made me remember how lucid dream and OBE fascinates me...
I made a Google search about it, and... I'm here ^^

Today, I was just using some relaxing technics and I fell asleep... I had a false awakening and was right away lucid.
I could hear sounds in the reality. I could hear my friend next to me reading and turning the pages of his book, even if he was not in my dream.
I would have liked to tell him that I was into a lucid dream and describe it to him!
I did my best but I felt my body half-paralyzed. The best I could do was a whisper. He did not hear me.

Then I noticed that my real body and my dream body were in the same position. I tried to get up from my bed and only my dream body did it!
When it happened, I felt something weird as if my inner ear had a problem. I no longer knew where the top or the bottom was. I was afraid. But just after I felt very well. My dream body seems composed by pure energy.
It did not last long. But it was particularly well preserved in my mind, as if it were more real than reality. Then I went through all the layers of sleep and woke up.

I am a lucid dreamer since my childhood. I have never managed to master OBE but I had some. And now I really want to!
I'm reading the book and hope to see some interesting results very soon. :)

(Sorry for my bad English.) I hope it's understandable.
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