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Postby Alec » Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:56 am

I have been 'phasing' on and off for years. I'm half way through The Phase and it is certainly answering questions that I've had that other books haven't. Anyways, I have been learning by trial and error but something seems to want me to stop my activities. I have a goal to restart my experiments but want to know if anyone else has experienced this. When I 'phase out' sometimes I'm successful, meaning that I separated and was aware of what I was doing and even made it outside and 'flew' before I snapped back to my body. I am a rookie and have stopped because there is someone waiting. I may be wrong but it seems to want to scare me back to my body. It doesn't touch me but did tell me that I will die if I go "in there." Recently it has chased me through various dreams. I call it the Grey Man. It speaks with a woman's tone, though. For years I've had terrible nightmares and one month night terrors. I've gotten the fear under control but need advice one how to proceed. Thanks, -Alec
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Re: Parasite?

Postby Dmitriy » Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:57 am

Hey, Alec. I am not an expert, but I see the fear as a natural filter, it tests you if you are ready to go to the next level. It is showing you how SPIRITUALLY mature you are. I suggest you read more about the topic (OBE, astral projection), and not just the techniques, but spirituality as well. And have an open skeptical mind.
I've had nightmares too. But I am aware that although what I experience in them IS REAL (real is smth that is experienced first-hand), that experience is generated solely by my IGNORANCE. Because whatever you expect in an OBE you GET. You are expecting this Grey Man to threaten you and that's what happens. If this realization does not help, you should approach this guy and talk to him. LOVE HIM. He might be a product of your imagination or an entity with free will. If he is an entity than he must be confused. Set him free using your spiritual love. Imagine a white powerful spiritual energy glowing around your body positively charged with pure love. Upon seeing this he should go away and never come back. There are entities that feed off fear. I hope I helped even though it's been a year since you posted
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Re: Parasite?

Postby Mikey » Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:30 am

Hi Alec. The reply from DMitriy is sound advice. Every emotion you bring into the Phase will find a way to materialize, just as it does in dreams - but there's really no danger because you always wake up. Sending love out to "scary entities" is the best way to deal with them and learn to trust in your safety. The effect on your own psyche after doing this will be transforming (I did it with wild animals that attacked me, and they became my friends immediately) It's so profound to experience, that maybe you could actually "look forward" to meeting these entities to experience the transformation yourself.
It might be wise also to do some self-reflection. Find out if there's any issues in your waking life that cause unrest in your "peace of mind", and understand how these could be "playing out" in your dreams and obe's.
As a child I learned to deal with scary entities in dreams by transforming myself into something bigger or scaryier than them - it was so amusing to see how their power dissipated - that was before I learned that love works too.
Develop a mindset and understanding that consciousness/thought/mind creates all realities, including dreams, obe's and even this physical wakened reality, and go into each Phase experience with so much excitement that fear doesn't get a chance to materialize.
Maybe you've already got past your problem, but I hope this helps nontheless. Success.
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