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I Need Help about Fear

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I Need Help about Fear

Postby canjon » Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:09 am

Hello my friends,

I need to push "fear" out of my lucid dreams. I had lucid, astral dreams since 2001. I can easily enter this world. I flied, i swimmed, i read my ex girl firend's diary (not proud of this one :) there.. I visit our summer house in winter and smell our red roses... But suddenly i had fears... I can't be there.. I can be there about 3-4 seconds....
I decided to stop entering this amazing world becouse of my big fears. I did not try for 7 years but last week i decided to turn back into it. I have no teacher for this dreams. Is there any fearless-volunteer there who can be with me, who can meet with me in my lucid dreams and take my hand for make me feel strong? Is it possible? I need a teacher. Thank you so much. (By the way my main language is not English. I hope i could tell my problem to you clearly :)

Good Night
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